Help me pick a Bridesmaid Dress. 

Okay you guys, I seriously need some help and your opinions!! I am in a wedding on September 10th, and all of the bridesmaids get to pick their own dresses. Over the last few months I have been searching for the perfect dress. I have already ordered 3 and had to send them back because of fit issues, and one was not the right color. Then I kind of just quit thinking about it and now that it’s getting down to the wire I knew that I had to take some serious action!! At first the bride just requested that we get a long dress in a shade of blue from a color palate that she sent us ranging from light blue to navy blue. Let me tell you that it is so much easier to find a navy blue dress than it is to find a light blue dress. About 2 weeks ago she informed me that I needed to get a light blue dress because of where I fell in line and all of the other girls had found their dresses already. Last week I went to the Nordstrom website and ordered every single dress that came in light blue, and now I need your opinions because I am having such a hard time deciding which one. I actually ordered 8 dresses, but for some reason only took pictures of 7, so that dress is out anyways! Okay here we go…

Dress 1


I really like this dress, but out of the bunch it is the most expensive at $310.00 but it is definitely a top contender. My only issues are is that the zipper in the back is extremely hard to zip up, like it is almost broken, the material below the waist is a mesh overlay and for as beautiful as the top is, the bottom doesn’t impress me much, and the price is super high for a bridesmaid dress. But I love the neckline, the color is a beautiful light blue that doesn’t really show up in the pictures (like all the other dresses) as vibrant as it really is. One other thing is that no matter what dress I pick, I will have to get it hemmed.

Dress 2


Okay so I promise that this dress is a light blue and not white, but because it is so light I think I have to say no. The price of this one is $220, so it is a little better than the first, and this dress is incredibly comfortable.

Dress 3


I love the neckline on this one as well, but I think that the color is too dark for what the bride is wanting me to wear, the price of this dress is $260, and again this dress is really comfortable and I wouldn’t have to worry about “the girls” popping out all night.

Dress 4


I also love the look of this dress, but the dress is between a blue and a lavender, so probably because of the color, this dress might be out. But again this is so comfortable, and I love the off the shoulder detail. The price of this one is $220

Dress 5


Okay so this dress is my husbands favorite, and because of how much he loves it, he has me convinced that this MIGHT be my favorite as well, but I am worried it might be too revealing. In the pics I didn’t have the top halter tied tight enough, and I would obviously wear a different bra so the top wouldn’t be SO revealing. But this is an amazing wrap dress, and the fabric feels amazing on. The price of this dress is $285

Dress 6


Again, this dress is actually light blue, not white. But because of how light blue it is, and how it looks white in pictures, I don’t think this would be the best choice even though I really love the style and look of this dress. The price of this on is $220

Dress 7


This dress is really beautiful as well, the reason I am just standing like that in the photo is because I wanted a “real” picture of how much my boob and armpit fat hung over when I was standing normal. There are things I love about this dress like the color, fabric and I love the style, but from the side view it makes me look a lot larger than I really am. One really cool thing about this dress is that, you can’t tell from the pictures but there are two pieces of fabric that hang down the front that enable you to convert this dress to a halter, one shoulder, or you can wrap them around your waist and make a bow on the front, side or back, or just have them hang down like I do in the picture. I do feel like this dress is a good contender, and the price is $285

Okay ladies this is where you come in! I seriously need your help deciding which one to wear! I think my favorites are dress 1, 5, and 7 and I need to get the ones I am not keeping shipped back to Nordstrom so I can have my credit card back. Please comment below and tell me which one you think I should pick. Now I just need to find some shoes. – The bride requested that we wear white sandals, but I begged her to be able to at least wear white wedges because I am only 5′ tall and I just don’t think sandals would be right for a fancy dress, and I would have to get half of the dress altered off if I was wearing flats, so if you guys know of some amazing formal white wedges please hook a sister up!!

EDIT SEPTEMBER 11th- as you can see from the main picture dress number 5 was the winner! The bride loved it, and after alterations it was perfect!! 

Stitch Fix Review No. 6

Hello Hello!!

This is my favorite time of the year, so I am super excited to share this review with you guys. I don’t know about you, but when summer starts transitioning to fall all I want to do is go school clothes shopping- it’s okay to do that as an adult, right? Thank god for Stitch Fix because I have absolutely no time to go to the mall. Don’t get me wrong, I just love summer and I am going to miss it like crazy, but there’s nothing like putting on the first pair of leggings, boots and a cozy sweater after months of wearing tank tops and shorts. August in Seattle is usually HOT, but I am ready for some fall clothes. I am so excited because I signed up for Stitch Fix at the end of spring and all I have recieved from them so far has been summer stuff, and warm clothes are my favorite!

This time around my review is going to be a little bit different than the previous reviews, So I apologize up front that I wont have the super professional I-Phone pictures taken by my husband in my back yard, because (spoiler alert!) I sold 4 of my 5 items online and didn’t have the time to get some decent pictures taken before I had to get the items shipped off to their new homes.

When I requested this “fix” I told my lovely stylist Emily to bring on the fall clothes! I told her I wanted some colored skinnies, and some great sweaters or a jacket. When I took a peek at my fix (before it arrived) I had mixed emotions, to be completely honest, but there were a few items I was excited about. But since this is my 6th fix, I knew not to judge until the items came and I tried them on for myself. When I got my box in the mail and opened it up I found out that my normal stylist Emily was on vacation and this time I was being styled by the fabulous Lucy. It all made sense to me at that point because I had a feeling when I peeked that these didn’t really seem like items that Emily would send me, although Lucy did a great job and she left me the sweetest note. Lucy if you are reading this- on the Facebook B/S/T group ladies were going crazy over my fix and I name dropped you to all of them- Sorry girlfriend, but your workload is about to double! If you are unfamiliar with Stitch Fix I’ll give a explination of what its all about at the end of this post along with a link for you so sign up for it yourself! I am not paid by Stitch Fix and all opinions are mine, but if you sign up and recieve a fix using my link I will get a small credit applied towards my next purchase. Ok, lets get started shall we?

  1. Nine West Acesso Ankle Wrapped Bootie Size 6.5 $124.00 Dark Grey (Sold)


I love love love booties, I actually just purchased a pair of brown leather Vince Camuto booties in the Nordstrom anniversary sale (which are STILL on back order). These booties kind of missed the mark with me. I love the look of them, but when fall comes around in Seattle, the rain comes along with it- and keeps coming for about 10 months after that. I can’t really picture myself running around in the fall/winter in these suede booties with out breaking an ankle or having to replace a hip. I would rather have a black or grey leather pair with a more stable heel. Although these booties are just adorable and in fantasy land where when it’s cold and rainy I still look look all cute and dressy on the daily, I have to sadly face reality that nope, I’m not that girl I fantasize about being. #CanIgetawaywithwearingasnuggytoworktoday? You know what though, in all seriousness this is exactly why I love Stitch Fix so much because when fall and winter come this year, you will not see me wearing crappy jeans and a Seahawks hoodie everyday, I will be comfy and freaking stylish! ( Go Hawks! )

2. Skies are Blue Avena Split Neck Top Size XS $54.00 Blue (Sold)


Skies are Blue Avena Split Neck Top

This top just screams fall to me, its plaid, cozy, and long so it can be worn with leggings. But a reaccuring problem with me and Stitch Fix is that a lot of their extra small tops are just a little too big. I normally wear an XS in the real world, sometimes an XXS, but it seems like their sizing runs a little bit big. Had this top fit me better I probably would have kept it, because the material was smooth, soft and amazing, but its off to a new home.

3. Just Black Blake Scissor Cut Hem Skinny Jean Size 2p $88.00 Fushia (Sold)


Just Black Blake Scissor Cut Hem Skinny Jean- Fushia

I LOVED every single thing about these jeans, EXCEPT for the scissor cut hem. Just cant do it. I am only 5′ tall, and my entire life I have had so much trouble finding jeans that are short enough for my legs. I spend a lot of money getting my jeans hemmed- just so they dont have crappy cut hems that roll up when you wash them, so for these to have the cut bottoms and be $88.00- I just couldn’t do it. When I tried them on though, they fit me like a glove. They fit perfect in every single way, and my husband fell in love with them. I was soo close to keeping them despite the hem but a girl wanted to buy them with the shoes and the plaid shirt, so I passed them along to her. In my notes to my stylist I begged her to send me another pair with a normal hem, because those jeans were amazing, and my husband will not stop talking about them – Please Emily If you don’t find me another pair, I might be requesting a “just got served divorce papers” fix. So I am counting on you to save my marriage- but no pressure or anything! (Pictured above with the plaid shirt)

4. RD Style Rhonda Faux Leather Jacket Size XS $78.00 Black (Kept)


RD Style Rhonda Faus Leather Jacket- Heck Yes!

This (Faux) Leather Jacket are what dreams are made of. This is exactly what I was looking for, and I am hoping that there are A LOT more great Stitch Fix jackets in my future. I know a lot of you ladies out there are all about the shoes, but thats how I am with jackets. The material is like butter, its fitted, and the top of the jacket buttons up into a turtle neck type look. I know that I will be wearing this all through the fall and winter. Again the fit is slightly big but not too much, and on really cold days I will be able to wear a thick sweater underneith it. Love this Jacket! Now I just need a brown leather one to replace the one I got at Target 5 years ago that is literally falling apart, but I refuse to give it up!

5. Fate Howardson Striped Lightweight Sweater Size XS $68.00 Gray (Sold)

There were so many things about this sweater that I loved. I loved the style, the stripes, it was the perfect length and the material was incredibly soft and amazing. My 2 issues were with this sweater were that it was slightly big, not too bad but just slightly, and it had the scissor cut hems at the sleeves, neckline and bottom. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I want a sewn hem. Is it that tough for a girl to just get a little stitching on her clothing. Especially from a company called “Stitch Fix”? Cut hems just scream cheap to me, and for $68.00 I want to have stitched edges. I had to try this on a few times because oh man it was so comfy, and I tried so hard to convince myself to keep it. If it didn’t have the cut hems, this would be hanging in my closet right now.

This fix may not have been a total home run, but I have no hard feelings. I still love Stitch Fix, and I think that Lucy did a great job styling me. That leather jacket made it all worth it, and you guys those fushia jeans! I already miss them. I am going to cry if they don’t send me another pair in my next fix. I wish that either Stitch Fix would offer extra extra smalls in tops, or that the sizing was more spot on. Overall I am super happy, and since I was able to sell the 4 items, and keep the fifth I got the 25% discount on everything- a total win! I also scheduled a fix to come in another 2 weeks to make up for this one…ooops, My husband really wants me to get more fushia pants though!

If you want to learn more about Stitch Fix and how it works I will give you a brief explination. First you sign up – if you use my link and order a fix, I get a small clothing credit, as you will too if you sign up to pass along to your friends and family. You fill out a profile on everything from sizing to budget to lifestyle, write a note to your stylist with what your looking for and link up a pinterest board- optional but recomended- to show your personal stylist what kind of clothes you like and need, then you set a date for you fix to get shipped to you. Once you recieve your clothes you have 3 days to try everything on and you send back what you don’t want (free shipping both ways- yay!). Or better yet, if you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount on everything. Easy Peasy! Best of all is that your not stuck in a “subscription service” you schedule fixes for your personal needs. You can get one and be done, or you can get them weekly if your a baller.

So what do you guys think? Did I make the right choices? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, and I would also love to hear what you love about Stitch Fix, and what your favorite items you have received are?!? If you haven’t tried it out yet, Seriously, just do it already!! It is so much fun, and you really don’t have anything to lose (except for your husband if you sell the jeans that he loves.) To make it super easy on you I have added a link right below here if you want to get started! Please Like, Comment, Share, or Pin your little beautiful hearts out.

Until next time- ( or next week when my next box is arriving!!) #sorrynotsorry




Stitch Fix Review No. 5

Welcome back! It’s that (fun!) time of the month again, my monthly (or sometime’s semi-monthly.. shhh!) fix is here!! Last time I changed stylists, and was so happy with Emily- my new stylist, so I was excited to see what she had in store for me this time around. When I ordered this fix, I told Emily in my note that I was looking for colored jeans, and fun summer tops in NEON or Neutrals. If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is then you can read any of my other Stitch Fix blogs by clicking Here Here or Here and I explain the process of how it all works, and if you found yourself here reading tons of Stitch Fix blogs trying to decide if you sign up or not, just do it already! At the bottom of this post is a link for you to sign up with to make it super easy, but more about that later.

Ok lets just jump in feet first and see what I got this time, shall we?

  1. Skies are Blue Jemma Crochet Front Knit Top: Size XS: $54.00


Top: Skies are Blue Jemma Crochet Front Knit Top / Jewelry: Rocks Box

This top is simple but the crochet front makes it fun, with out feeling like your great grandma’s couch. It’s a great shirt for both work and weekends, summer and under a great  sweater or jacket in the fall/winter. The off white color basically makes it the perfect shirt for any pair of jeans that you throw it’s way. It’s just a tad looser than I would like, but not to the point of sending it back. I’m definitely seeing a trend with Stitch Fix: Their clothes always run big, and I wish that they sold clothes in XXS. Although they do offer Petite and Maternity. For you fabulous Plus Size ladies in the world, Stitch Fix will be offering plus sizes sometime early next year, I’ve heard. Total Keeper


2. Lila Ryan Dorianna Skinny Jean (olive): Size 4p: $98


Jeans: Lila Ryan Dorianna Skinny Jean

Okay so I have to admit that I’m a “Peeker” when it comes to my Stitch Fix’s. If you are familiar with Stitch Fix then I’m sure you know what I am talking about. If you have the Stitch Fix app on your I-PHONE-(only) once your box of goodies is shipped you have the opportunity to see what they are sending to you before it arrives. Some people in the world have this funny disorder called “self control” but I’m definitely one of those weirdos. Anyways, when I peeked at my shipment, I had mixed emotions on everything, including the color of these pants. But… When they showed up and I put them on, I swear that it was love at first zip and button. I mentioned above that some of the XS Stitch Fix tops seem to run a little big, but every single pair of jeans they have sent me have fit my body perfectly. I got my “fix” last week and I have already wore these jeans 3 times. I LOVE them. They are cropped too, which is hard for me to find because I am so short. But I can’t say enough about these suckers. And apparently this color of green is going to be one of the “it” colors of this fall. THANK YOU Emily!!!! – 200 percent keeper


3. Papermoon Westham Ribbon Strap Knit Tank: XS : $38


Top: Papermoon Ribbon Strap Knit Tank / Pants: Kut from the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean (from a previous fix )

So this tank for me was so/so. I like this color of it, but I wasn’t super excited about it. I figured if I was planning on keeping everything else in the fix it would be cheaper for me to keep it and get the 25% discount on everything, then to send it back. On Facebook there are a bunch of Stitch Fix Buy/Sell/Trade groups, so I was actually able to pass this shirt along to someone else who will love it more than I did. There are thousands and thousands of women in the United States who are a part of these groups on Facebook and a lot of women will usually keep all 5 items for the discount, and sell the items they don’t like and pass along the discount to other women. I have purchased some really great items through these boards, and also sold items that I realized I wasn’t super in love with after keeping. It’s a total Win-Win for everyone. – Kept and Sold

4. Skies are Blue Magda Lace V Back Blouse: Size XS: $54.00


Skies are Blue Magda Lace V back Blouse


A big thanks to my wonderful husband for letting me know that the tags were hanging out!


Jewelry: Rocks Box

I love the color of this blouse, and it definitely fits with my neon theme that I was going for. But like the first blouse, I wish it was just a tad bit smaller. I know that I will wear it, as it is a great work blouse, and the details on the back of this blouse are just gorgeous. But I am still on the fence because of the fit. I’m thinking of putting it up for sale to see if there are any bites, and if not then I will have no problem keeping and wearing this shirt. The color is amazing, and it can make’s my skin look like I just took a trip to Hawaii.

5. Greylin Elfie Crochet Detail Blouse: Size XS: $108


Top:Greylin Elfie Crochet Detail Blouse


Pants: Topshop Cigarette (from Trunk Club)

This halter top is adorable. I love this color, the fabric is nice and thick and is double layered. It’s probably one of the highest quality items I have received from Stitch Fix. I know the price tag is pretty high, but with the 25% discount, and selling the other top, I was able to splurge a little bit on it. This top is super versatile, you can wear it to work underneath a sweater, for a night out with the girls, or with a pair of shorts running around town. It’s flowy in all the right ways, and totally sexy with out really revealing anything besides your shoulders. – Total keeper


Jewelry: Rocks Box

Okay kids, that sums up my fifth box from Stitch Fix. Since I first signed up for Stitch Fix a few months ago, I have never dressed better in my life. It has totally transformed my closet, and opened up the doors for Trunk Club, and Rocks Box like a gateway drug. But I have never been happier. I finally feel like I dress my age, with work appropriate clothing and am actually so excited to get up in the morning and pick out my outfit for the day. When I look good, I feel good, I’m happier and my day is usually better. Don’t you guys feel this way too?

A little gift that I have for you guys since I have signed up for Rocks Box- Its a service were you spend 19.99 a month and they send you 3 pieces of jewelry to rent, and if you love a piece, or all three you have the option to purchase at a discounted rate. You can literally were the jewelry 1 day and send back and as soon as it drops in the mail, they send you a new box of 3 items to wear and you recieve it about 3 days later, you can do this as much as you want for the flat fee of $19.99 per month. Every month they also give you a ten dollar credit towards any jewelry that you might want to purchase. You also fill out a wish list of items you want them to send, and they choose from your wish list. If you click this link——-> Sign up for Rocks Box Here  Not only will you get your first month free, you can cancel after that if you want so you aren’t out any money if you choose to cancel, but get to wear some fabulous jewelry for few weeks. Full disclosure- If you sign up with my link I provided, not only do you get a free month, I get a small credit as well. If you just sign up through their website you do not get the free month.

Also if you want to sign up for Stitch Fix, there will be a banner under this paragraph for you to do so. I promise you wont regret it! Full disclosure, if you sign up with my banner I will get a small clothing credit and that helps me afford to keep doing Stitch fix Blogs as well.


Please Like, Share, Comment, or Pin anything in this post. If your curious about Trunk Club, I also have 2 blogs about that as well. Hope you guys have a great day, and I will be back soon.

Until next time!





Trunk Club Review No. 2

Hello my lovely ladies. It’s been a while since I have done a post, summer is a crazy time for work and life in general so I haven’t had a chance to sit down at my little laptop and spew my thoughts for all of you guys to read, but I had to make time to post about my second Trunk Club that I received last week. This time around it is really hard for me to decide on some items, and I need your help! So please let me know what you think I should keep because I sure as hell just can’t make a decision right now and the clock is ticking folks! I need to get this sucker back in the mail like yesterday so I don’t get charged for everything…

If you are sitting here thinking what the heck is Trunk Club? I will give you a brief rundown of how it works. Trunk Club is a company that is owned by Nordstrom. You sign up via the website, or app and get set up with your own personal stylist that you will talk to directly and will have you answer a ton of questions about size, lifestyle, budget, etc. to get an idea of what you are looking for. Your Trunk of goodness will arrive and you have 10 days to try everything on in the comfort of your own home, after that, you keep what you want, and send back what you don’t- easy as pie (whatever easy as pie is supposed to mean).

Okay so when my wonderful stylist Sharitty sent me the preview of my Trunk this time, I decided to not take anything out, even though there were some items in there that I was sure I wasn’t going to like, but I wanted to give everything a shot.. So let’s dive into the good, the bad and the ugly.


Top: Splendid Swing Tank / Shoes: Converse Shoreline (from first Trunk)


Jeans:Just Black Adorra Skinny jeans-From Stitch Fix


Jewelry: Rocks Box

1: Splendid Swing Tank: Size XS $58.00 This tank top is amazing. It’s also super expensive, but I am going to have to splurge on it because I have to have it. The pictures don’t really do it justice but it has the perfect fit and flowyness going on with it. This piece is the one I am for sure keeping, and I have already wore it. Warning- don’t eat spaghetti while wearing it, No one gave me the memo about no spaghetti and now my shirt has two little sauce stains from swinging noodles… thank god they are extremely tiny or else I might have cried . – Total keeper!


Top: Spendid Slub Knit off the Shoulder Top


Jeans: Paige Denim Verdugo Ankle Skinny Jeans (from First Trunk)  / Jewelry: Rocks Box


Shoes: Topshop Wise Platform Wedge Sandal

2: Splendid Slub Knit off the shoulder top: Size XS $78.00

So when I saw this top in my preview, I was super excited, I have been wanting an off the shoulder top for so long, and I couldn’t wait to try it on. I just knew it was going to be a keeper. When I tried it on, I felt the same way, BUT… There’s a big BUT going on here, it has been hanging in my closet for a week and I haven’t wore it yet because of a few reasons, number one: I don’t own a decent strapless bra, and number two: because I am long over due for a boob job, me and strapless bra’s aren’t really best friends. I have thought about just wearing a bra with it and letting the straps show but for $78.00 I just can’t keep it. Seriously makes my heart sink a little saying that, but I have to send it back. Maybe in the future after if I ever get a boob job I will run out any buy this shirt immediately. -Pretty sure it’s going back

3: Topshop Wise Platform Wedge Sandal: Size 6.5 $85.00

When I saw these in the preview I wasn’t super thrilled about the cork wedge, I’ve never been a big fan of cork, but when I tried these on they were so incredibly comfortable that I really had to think about it. I knew at home that I had some very similar black wedges that have a strap around the ankle, not a tie, but they are so similar that there’s no point of me keeping these. – Sending back.


Top: Topshop Billie Chambray Shirt


Shoes: Steve Madden Sunshine Lace up Flat


Jeans: Listed above/ Jewelry : Rocks Box

4: Topshop Billie Chambray Shirt: Size 2 $50.00

I was also really excited when I saw this shirt in my preview, it’s not crazy expensive, and I always need a great botton up shirt. If this shirt wasn’t massively huge on me, I would have totally kept it. I literally had to fold the shirt over in the back and tuck it in so I didn’t look totally ridiculous in the pictures. – Sending back because of fit issues.

5: Steve Madden Sunshine Lace up Flat: Size 6.5 $69.95

Yet another Item that I was sure I would be keeping, if you keep reading ahead (spoiler alert) Sharitty also sent me a pair in black. My biggest worry was how to decide between the two, or if I should keep both. When I first tried them on the fit just wasn’t quite right, I felt like they were slightly too big. I have just been dying for the right pair of lace up flats, and I’m feeling like a mixture or goldilocks and cinderella here. The first pair Stitch Fix sent were too expensive, but the fit and style was perfect, and these the fit seems a little off. The super pointy toe makes my small feet like huge. To be honest though when I put them back on to take these pictures, the fit wasn’t as bad as I though they were, so before I do send them back I am going to give them one last shot. If I do keep a pair, it will most likely be the nude ones. Why am I having such a hard time deciding this time around. – Probably sending back, but still not 100% decided.


Shirt: Topshop Scallop Frill Tee


Pants: Topshop Cigarette Trousers


Shoes: Steve Madden Sunshine Lace up Flat / Jewelry: Rocks Box

6: Topshop Scallop Frill Tee: Size 2: $25.00

This top is cute, but it’s really boxy and a lot shorter then it looks in the pictures. I’ve got an hourglass figure, so this isn’t super flattering on me. I love the price, and the scallop cut edges are super cute and fun, but it’s just not for me. – Sending Back

7: Topshop Cigarette Trousers: Size 4: $38.00

When I saw these in the preview I had mixed emotions, but since I have been doing a total closet re-do over the last few months, I have only been stocking up my closet with various jeans, and my wardrobe is seriously lacking some non-jean pants. Now these pants on a “normal size” person I think are supposed to be “ankle” pants. But on me they actually skim the tops of my shoes, which kind of works? Maybe? These pants are high rise, which lately I have been obsessed with. They fit like a glove, the price is amazing, so I am keeping these. I am just wondering if I should go get them hemmed a little bit? What do you guys think? – Already hanging in my closet with the tags off.

8: Steve Madden Sunshine Lace up Flat: Size 6.5: $69.95

These are the same as the nude flats in black. I so wished that these shoes fit me perfect because I would totally keep both pairs. As I am writing this I am making a mental note to run upstairs and try on the nude flats again before I box everything up this morning to drop off at UPS. Usually I am pretty decisive when it comes to clothes but this trunk is totally throwing me through a loop, and I don’t know why? I think I am just wanting these items to work more then they actually are working. Verdict on the shoes? Black ones are going back for sure, nude ones are maybe going back.


Top: Topshop Tie Detail Crop Camisole


Pants: Topshop Cigarette Trousers

9: Topshop Tie Detail Crop Camisole: Size 2: $22.00

Again, I’m torn on this top. I’m not one to “run around town” in a crop top, but we do have a boat that we go out on all of the time so I was thinking it might be fun for that? At first I was thinking that this would be a keeper. Simply because it is super cute, and it only $22.00 but realistically, I think if I kept it, it would just stay hanging in my closet and I would never actually wear it. Like the black off the shoulder top, it’s a top that I want to work so bad, but I need to just realize that I am not in my 20’s and this top will never be appropriate for me to wear. Sorry cute little striped top but you have to go find a new home somewhere else. – Returning.


Top: Kate Spade Stripe Swing Top


Pants: Just Black Adorra Skinny’s (Stitch Fix)


Shoes: Steve Madden Sunshine Lace Up Flats / Jewelry: Rocks Box

10: Kate Spade Stripe Swing Top: Size XS: $85.00

This top would be really cute if it didn’t stick straight out on the sides by it’s self. In the first picture where I am holding the edges, the shirt literally is made to hold that wide shape by itself. I don’t know what Kate Spade is trying to accomplish with this shirt, but since I’m not in the market for a shirt that makes me over 2 feet wide, it has to go. If this shirt was flowy, and just hung straight down it would be a total keeper. – Returning


Top: Current/Elliott “The Ballet” Flounce Hem Cotton Tank


Shorts: Free people Silver Springs Shorts



11: Current/Elliott “The Ballet” Flounce Hem Cotton Tank: Size 1: $138.00

I can’t believe that this top is a size 1. This shirt does absolutely nothing for me, I’m not in love with anything about this shirt. It’s overpriced, the material is weird, it has frayed hems- which I hate, and it’s not flattering at all. Enough said, this shirt is going back.


Shorts: Free People Silver Springs Shorts

12: Free People Silver Springs Shorts: Size XS: $88.00

These shorts are not my style at all. They are not flattering, for being a size XS they are really huge. I’m on the wider side in my hips and butt, so shorts are always a hit or a miss for me. The one thing they have going for them is that they are super comfortable, but that’s all. Bye Bye shorts, it’s been real. – Returning


Dress: CeCe Natalia Beaded off the shoulder dress



My daughter was ready for my fashion show to be over at this point… and so was I

13: CeCe Natalia Beaded Off the Shoulder Dress: Size 2: $158.00

I knew when I saw the preview that I would probably be sending this dress back. When I tried it on, I actually liked it a little bit more then I thought I would, but when it comes down to it, this is just too much dress for my body. The color is amazing, I have always loved this color of pink. The off the shoulder/ strapless bra thing is an issue too, but I do really like the look of it. I feel like if this dress was a little bit cheaper, shorter, and just all around had less fabric, I might keep it. But this one has to go as well. – Returning.

So at this point I need to get everything boxed up and sent back. I am really second guessing myself on the black off the shoulder top and the nude flats- I just can’t make a decision. If the black top was just a little bit cheaper I feel like I would keep it no questions asked, but I don’t want to spend $78.00 on a shirt that I might not wear. Another thing to think about is that there’s a Nordstrom about 10 minutes from my house and can return anything back to them as well, so I might need some more time to think about those 2 items. What do you guys think? Please let me know what I should do because I sure as hell can not make a decision right now. I also just got my 5th Stitch Fix box in the mail and It has some really great items in it as well. Trunk Club should totally offer a discount on clothing and it would be so much easier to keep a lot of items, like it is with Stitch Fix… I am so happy that my stylist sent me some items at a lower price point this time, and I feel like were still in the “getting to know each other” faze, But guess what, when my next Trunk comes around it will be fall, and we all know how fun and amazing fall clothes are so


Party of 3 or 4?

The big scary question of life. Should we have another child, or not? Right now My family consists of my husband of 5 years (next month), me of coarse, and our newly 3 year old daughter Clara, but not to forget our border terrier Sookie (aka poop stain) that is pretty much a child herself. Both my husband and I have full time jobs that require a lot out of us, and during the day we have our daughter in an AMAZING (but incredibly expensive) early learning center. I will never get to experience being a stay at home mom.


My beautiful family. (My husband was going through his “hairy face” stage)

I was never one of those girls that dreamt of the day I would become a mother, I never played with dolls or barbies, and I didn’t have my future children’s names picked out, but in the back of my mind I knew that motherhood was probably going to be a part of my future. When we got pregnant with Clara, it took us a year to conceive. I actually had a very early miscarriage, which I have read is very common with first pregnancy’s. But a few weeks later we found out that we were expecting again. My pregnancy wasn’t easy, I was sick all day and night every day and night through the entire 10 months. Pregnancy didn’t look or feel good on my body, I gained 40 pounds, but on my 5′ tall body, it was like 80 pounds. And to be honest I was scared shitless of becoming a mother. I didn’t have the perfect family growing up, and I was terrified that somehow history would repeat itself and I would become my mother.

My birth experience was one for the books too. I was 11 days past due and they had to induce me. 3 days later, after a crap load of pitosin, a fever that spiked to 107, blood pressure that dropped so low the nurses had to give me a shot of adreniline, vomiting and shaking uncontrollably, too small of a birth canal, an emergency c-section where I had to be under full anesthesia, so no one actually got to witness the birth of my daughter, my beautiful daughter was born. She had to be in ICU for 6 days because of my fever, and we both were in the hospital for a total of 8 days after her birth.

Now 3 years later we are contemplating having another child. Clara is as good as kids come, she is just the most amazing kind hearted little human being. Now that she is 3 years old she is getting independent, can dress herself, is potty trained, can fully communicate what she wants, and life is getting so much easier than it was having a baby, then a toddler.

The hardest part for me, is that I really don’t want Clara to grow up without a sibling. I could never imagine my life without my sister. I see these big families full of kids and think of how much fun it must be to have so many siblings, but I know that life isn’t going to be right for our family. It sounds selfish but it was and still is so hard to give up most of my freedom to raise a child. I think about how we can give our daughter a great life by being an only child, but then I worry about if and when me and my husband pass away, she will be all alone. I want her to have someone to grow up with and have crazy memories and moments that only siblings share. Im approaching my mid thirties, so the clock is ticking for me, and Clara just turned 3, so if I were to get pregnant soon they would be at least 4 years apart, and any farther, I feel like they wouldn’t be as close as I would like them to be. So basically it’s now or never.

But I am SO FREAKING SCARED. I can be very selfish, and vain. I am terrified of my body going back to how it was after I gave birth. It took me 2 years to lose the baby weight, mostly out of my own laziness, but my body is not naturally small, and I have to work incredibly hard to be in somewhat decent shape. How will I find the time to work out with 2 children? How will I find the time to do ANYTHING with two children and a full time job. Will 2 carseats fit in my car? I can hardly keep up with all the laundry, dishes and keeping the house somewhat clean-as it is, and to add another person to feed, clean, and take care of into the mix, I don’t know how I could possibly do it. People do it every single day though. I envy these people. Especially the ones with the spotless houses. Oh how I wish I could magically become OCD.

I think my problem is that I am only focusing on the really hard parts, and not focusing on the amazing parts. The amazing magic of pregnancy that you feel with a human growing inside of you, the anticipation of getting to meet this little person you are creating. What are they going to look like? What is their personality going to be like? The wonderful love you feel for your child even through the hourly feedings and no sleep at night. They are not babies and toddlers forever. The first few years will be hard but then it may get easier with 2 children. They will both have someone to play with, and cause trouble with, and grow up with.

We are at that point where we have to make a decision and I seriously suck at making decisions. My lack of being able to make a decision is why we still only have one child. My husband is all for having 2 kids. But he doesn’t have to be pregnant. Wake up with the baby, or stay up all night. Doesn’t have to worry about dropping off or picking up from daycare. Doesn’t have to worry about laundry, dishes, or working through my so-called “maternity leave”, because no one can take over my job for me. I feel like this whole second kid thing is on my plate alone, and I am afraid of doing it, and I am afraid of not doing it, so right now I am not doing anything. I wish I was confident or sure of either not having another or having another.

I would like to hear from you guys out there. Your stories. The ups and downs. Were you an only child, or did you have 5 sisters and brothers? Are you a mother of one, or a mother of three? I know I am not alone in my thinking. But I feel totally alone in the decision, or lack there of.


Boats and Hole’s

This weekend was awesome, I wrecked my husband’s boat. (this isn’t the first time either). I think he may divorce me. My husband grew up boating, his summers were spent on Lake Chelan in Washington State. He’s been driving a boat long before he hit puberty. I, on the other hand have only been a crappy boat captain since last summer when we finally purchased my husbands life long dream and first true love, his beloved Malibu Wakesetter. I’m not going to go into the boring details, but I win the dumb ass award of the day. Yay me!


Jesus (or ANYONE) Please Take the Wheel!!!! Swimsuit: Seafolly Australia

In other news. Happy Birthday America!!!! How do you guys like to celebrate the 4th? We usually go out onto Lake Washington to watch the fireworks show, with a lot of adult beverages, and unhealthy snacks, but after todays unfortunate event, I’m probably not allowed to set foot on our boat anymore, but maybe in 10 years when my husband gets over this “incident”. Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th, I’m off to call our insurance company… and drink some (lots) of wine.

On a happy note… I have my next Stitch Fix showing up next week! If you want to learn more about it, read my other blogs, or click the link below to get started. Note: I get a small but much appreciated clothing credit if you use my link. Happy Clicking!

This is just the beginning.

Welcome to my first blog!

In the back of my mind, I have always wanted to write a blog. But with such a crazy life of being a mom, wife, and running a business, I never took that thought seriously. About a month ago I was sitting in my office at work, it was a slooooow day, which at my office can be somewhat rare. I was busy filling up my Stitch Fix pinterest page with clothes and fashion to link to my Stitch Fix fashion profile. Serious stuff people! But I was careful to make sure it looked like I was being productive if anyone came in my office, so I had all sorts of important papers spread out on my desk to grab at a moments notice.

I don’t know what prompted it, but all of a sudden in the moment I decided that I needed to start a blog. So I immediately text my husband to share the joyous news, until he replied “what are you going to blog about, babe?” I couldn’t answer that question. So I didn’t write back. I still haven’t written back.


My hunky hubby!!

My husband, my wonderful husband, is so supportive of me and my crazy ideas. He has been helping me brain storm ideas on what I should blog about. In a world of millions and millions of blogs, how do you make yours relevant? Asking this question has also made me reflect inside on who I really am, who I want to be, and how to bridge the gap between those two. It has also given me a view into my husband perspective of me. Here are his top ideas for me. Thanks babe!

  1. Make-up. – I love make up, L-O-V-E make up. But just because I spend way too much money at Sephora, doesn’t make me an expert. I have purchased almost every product that they sell, so his Idea wasn’t so bad.
  2. Skin care. – As soon as I turned 30, the realization that I am truly getting older and I better start taking care of myself hit like a ton of bricks. I started investing time and a lot of money into anything that promised to make me look like I am 25 FOREVER.
  3. Fashion.- Now I have always thought of myself as very stylish, I love clothes, shopping, and everything fashion.
  4. Running a successful business- Somehow I have managed to run a successful company and make a pretty decent living doing this, but I can’t take all the credit, because I have some super amazing employees that work their butts off for me on the daily, and I definitely have A LOT to learn still. But I do have some good stories.
  5. Being a Mom, and learning to balance it all.- Being a “Mom” is not something that comes natural to me, I am not one of those girls who always dreamed of the day that I would have tons of BABIES. I actually always contemplated if I should actually have kids or not. Well, I had one, an AMAZING one, and SHE is teaching me how to be the best mom that I can be.

There are millions of blogs on this world wide web, and I think the only way that I can stay true to myself and have some fun along the way is to talk about all of the above. I just want a space where I can come, and pretty much talk to myself, laugh at my own jokes (which I am notorious for doing) and have a creative outlet to vent if I’m feeling it. I hope if you found yourself here, and you made it this far with-out falling asleep (thanks for being a trooper!)  that you will join me on my journey, laugh with me, cry with me, get pissed with me, and heck even shop with me. Let’s conquer this world together! See You Soon!!

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Mucho gracias!!!