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Hi Guys!!

This is where I am supposed to talk about my self a little bit, So here we go.

I’m Sara, I’m a wife to my amazingly awesome husband Chris, Hi Babe!! “Mommy” to this incredible little human being we named Clara, and “food provider” to a moody little border terrier nicknamed poop stain… yes I am serious. I also go by “boss” from 9-5 when I am busy being a CEO of a small business. But my employees know that the higher my ego the higher their bonuses.

I am just your average girl, trying to pretend like I know how to be an adult. Hey, fake it till you make it, right?? But at the same time I am trying my hardest not to look like an adult? It’s a strange world we live in people! I can assure you that this blog will probably not teach you anything of value. I can’t make a pinterest craft to save my life, My husband hates my cooking, and I certainly am not an expert at anything important. As my title says, I am a huge procrastinator, but that is A-Ok with me- lazy people aren’t so bad, plus I feel like I do better with some pressure, and a xanax.