It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I have been here. Since my last post I have been making some major changes in my life. First of all, I had a beautiful daughter last May. She’s spunky, amazing, and imperfectly perfect! Lyra has changed our lives for the better and her crazy personality keeps every moment a little bit more exciting!

Around the time that our Lyra was born, I started feeling that I wanted to make some changes in mine and my families life to live more naturally, so I started out by looking into the normal everyday products that I was buying for our household- and what bad chemicals they had. Second I looked into the food we were eating along with the drinks, snacks etc. Saying that I was shocked with my findings would be a complete understatement.

All this research gave me mixed emotions of disgust, disbelief, and the feeling like it’s my duty as a mother, to know better and do better for my family! Along the way I was turned onto essential oils from a friend, at that moment I didn’t know how big of an impact ESSENTIAL OILS would have on my life. I thought oils were strictly used to “make your house smell pretty.” Boy was I wrong. Essential oils have changed my life in ways I could never imagine and I am so excited to not only share with you what I have learned so far, and give you the amazing tips and tricks that have been taught to me by some pretty amazing women.

Now my future posts will be about, my journey with my crazy beautiful family to become the healthiest and happiest we can be! Tips and tricks I have learned, my journey to lose my baby fat, and so much more! My life is no more interesting than anyone else’s, but if you are reading this, I soo appreciate you being here, and I hope that you will check back!!

If you are thinking about starting a journey to wellness, or have any questions about essential oils, please drop a comment, or write an email! I would love to answer your questions, and post content that your are interested in!!

I’m so happy to be back!!