Help me pick a Bridesmaid Dress. 

Okay you guys, I seriously need some help and your opinions!! I am in a wedding on September 10th, and all of the bridesmaids get to pick their own dresses. Over the last few months I have been searching for the perfect dress. I have already ordered 3 and had to send them back because of fit issues, and one was not the right color. Then I kind of just quit thinking about it and now that it’s getting down to the wire I knew that I had to take some serious action!! At first the bride just requested that we get a long dress in a shade of blue from a color palate that she sent us ranging from light blue to navy blue. Let me tell you that it is so much easier to find a navy blue dress than it is to find a light blue dress. About 2 weeks ago she informed me that I needed to get a light blue dress because of where I fell in line and all of the other girls had found their dresses already. Last week I went to the Nordstrom website and ordered every single dress that came in light blue, and now I need your opinions because I am having such a hard time deciding which one. I actually ordered 8 dresses, but for some reason only took pictures of 7, so that dress is out anyways! Okay here we go…

Dress 1


I really like this dress, but out of the bunch it is the most expensive at $310.00 but it is definitely a top contender. My only issues are is that the zipper in the back is extremely hard to zip up, like it is almost broken, the material below the waist is a mesh overlay and for as beautiful as the top is, the bottom doesn’t impress me much, and the price is super high for a bridesmaid dress. But I love the neckline, the color is a beautiful light blue that doesn’t really show up in the pictures (like all the other dresses) as vibrant as it really is. One other thing is that no matter what dress I pick, I will have to get it hemmed.

Dress 2


Okay so I promise that this dress is a light blue and not white, but because it is so light I think I have to say no. The price of this one is $220, so it is a little better than the first, and this dress is incredibly comfortable.

Dress 3


I love the neckline on this one as well, but I think that the color is too dark for what the bride is wanting me to wear, the price of this dress is $260, and again this dress is really comfortable and I wouldn’t have to worry about “the girls” popping out all night.

Dress 4


I also love the look of this dress, but the dress is between a blue and a lavender, so probably because of the color, this dress might be out. But again this is so comfortable, and I love the off the shoulder detail. The price of this one is $220

Dress 5


Okay so this dress is my husbands favorite, and because of how much he loves it, he has me convinced that this MIGHT be my favorite as well, but I am worried it might be too revealing. In the pics I didn’t have the top halter tied tight enough, and I would obviously wear a different bra so the top wouldn’t be SO revealing. But this is an amazing wrap dress, and the fabric feels amazing on. The price of this dress is $285

Dress 6


Again, this dress is actually light blue, not white. But because of how light blue it is, and how it looks white in pictures, I don’t think this would be the best choice even though I really love the style and look of this dress. The price of this on is $220

Dress 7


This dress is really beautiful as well, the reason I am just standing like that in the photo is because I wanted a “real” picture of how much my boob and armpit fat hung over when I was standing normal. There are things I love about this dress like the color, fabric and I love the style, but from the side view it makes me look a lot larger than I really am. One really cool thing about this dress is that, you can’t tell from the pictures but there are two pieces of fabric that hang down the front that enable you to convert this dress to a halter, one shoulder, or you can wrap them around your waist and make a bow on the front, side or back, or just have them hang down like I do in the picture. I do feel like this dress is a good contender, and the price is $285

Okay ladies this is where you come in! I seriously need your help deciding which one to wear! I think my favorites are dress 1, 5, and 7 and I need to get the ones I am not keeping shipped back to Nordstrom so I can have my credit card back. Please comment below and tell me which one you think I should pick. Now I just need to find some shoes. – The bride requested that we wear white sandals, but I begged her to be able to at least wear white wedges because I am only 5′ tall and I just don’t think sandals would be right for a fancy dress, and I would have to get half of the dress altered off if I was wearing flats, so if you guys know of some amazing formal white wedges please hook a sister up!!

EDIT SEPTEMBER 11th- as you can see from the main picture dress number 5 was the winner! The bride loved it, and after alterations it was perfect!! 

10 thoughts on “Help me pick a Bridesmaid Dress. 

    • Thank you so much!! I know, it’s really hard to chose between those two!! I keep going back and forth. I love 5 but don’t want to seem like I’m trying to take any attention from the bride with such a sexy dress, which the bride is drop dead gorgeous anyways, but I have had a wedding and it’s all about her. It’s stressful picking your own dress for someone else’s wedding!! Again, thank you so much for your input 😘


    • I thought for sure 1 was the winner when I ordered the dresses, but my husband is trying to convince me to wear 5, which I really love too!! Thank you so much for your input!!❤️


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