Boats and Hole’s

This weekend was awesome, I wrecked my husband’s boat. (this isn’t the first time either). I think he may divorce me. My husband grew up boating, his summers were spent on Lake Chelan in Washington State. He’s been driving a boat long before he hit puberty. I, on the other hand have only been a crappy boat captain since last summer when we finally purchased my husbands life long dream and first true love, his beloved Malibu Wakesetter. I’m not going to go into the boring details, but I win the dumb ass award of the day. Yay me!


Jesus (or ANYONE) Please Take the Wheel!!!! Swimsuit: Seafolly Australia

In other news. Happy Birthday America!!!! How do you guys like to celebrate the 4th? We usually go out onto Lake Washington to watch the fireworks show, with a lot of adult beverages, and unhealthy snacks, but after todays unfortunate event, I’m probably not allowed to set foot on our boat anymore, but maybe in 10 years when my husband gets over this “incident”. Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th, I’m off to call our insurance company… and drink some (lots) of wine.

On a happy note… I have my next Stitch Fix showing up next week! If you want to learn more about it, read my other blogs, or click the link below to get started. Note: I get a small but much appreciated clothing credit if you use my link. Happy Clicking!

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