Stitch Fix Review 1 & 2

Welcome Back!

So I am a member of this super exclusive club called Stitch Fix, It’s this clothing service that sets you up with your own personal stylist, and sends you 5 items of clothing, jewelry, shoes, and purses(you can opt out of shoes, jewelry, or purses if thats your purgative). I’ll tell you a little bit about the process and how to join this super exclusive club yourself.

* Note: all of these opinions are my own, I am not paid by Stitch Fix for this review, If you click on one of my links to sign up I will get a $25.00 referral credit and I just might possibly love you forever!

  1. Fill out your style profile: You can do this online, or download the app (for IOS users only). Filling out your style profile consists of answering a series of questions about your budget, size, style, how you like your clothes to fit, etc. You can get as detailed as picking colors or prints you don’t want your stylist to send, I personally ask for no jewelry and purses because I want only clothes and shoes, but guess what? You can change this info between every fix as your current needs change. In each fix you order, you can put a personal note to your stylist and let her know of an upcoming event that you want to be styled for, or if you like to live on the wild side, you can leave your note blank and see what you get!
  2. Link up a Pinterest style page(optional but recommended): Now, if your anything like me, this will be like a super fun OCD homework project. Start pinning your little heart out, and then your stylist can take a peek and see what your personal style is. You can also search Pinterest for  “Stitch Fix” items and you may just end up with something that you pinned- now isn’t that fun! Some advice I received and will pass along, is to add new pins before every fix of your current needs/wants. I personally have a Pinterest page with “current wants” “later wants”- like fall items I don’t need for summer right now, and “Stitch fix item’s I have kept”-to keep track of and what fix they came in- You will thank me later. I know the day will eventually come where I send an item back- I will make a board for this one as well so I can keep track of that too. – But again- this is just what I do, not necessary at all!
  3. Order your first fix: Stitch Fix is not a “subscription” service, meaning, that you can get your “fix” as much as every 2 weeks, or you can do it once and never look back. Your not stuck. I personally signed up for every 2 weeks because with a 3 year old, I haven’t gone shopping in a while and wanted to get my closet stocked up, but I will eventually go down to once month soon, or when my husband threatens divorce me for spending too much moolah. When you order your “fix” your card will be charged $20.00, but if you keep any of the items of clothing, then you will be credited the $20.00 “styling fee. If you love all 5 items, then you get 25% of the entire box! Now thats what I am talking about. In my first 2 fixes I LOVED 4/5 and just liked the 5th- but it was cheaper to keep everything than to send the one item back with the 5 item discount. So do the math before you send back because if they don’t work for you they can be good presents for a friend, or if your like me, there are a millions Stitch Fix buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook that you can sell to or buy from or trade if you choose to. This too has become addicting as hell! If you need help finding the boards on Facebook- message me and I will give you the links.
  4. Try everything on: When your beautiful box arrives at your door, its like christmas morning, its magical, and makes your heart pitter patter with excitement. Open that sucker up and start trying everything on. Stitch Fix Gives you 3 business days to decide what your going to keep and what you are going to send back. That way you can try everything on in the comfort of your own home, and style your items with pieces you already have in your closet. If your not in love with an item/ or all items, guess what, Stitch Fix provides you with a prepaid envelope to send any unwanted items back and you can just plop it in your own mailbox and send it on its way.
  5. Another cool factor about Stitch Fix is that- like wine, it gets better with every fix they send, the more feed back they receive from you ( you review all 5 items while checking out, based on fit,size, style, price, and leave honest opinions on each item they sent you.) Be brutally honest, it will really help them get your style down. If your whole fix- didn’t hit the mark- ask for a new stylist, if you LOVED everything you received, ask to keep the same stylist. Or leave it up to the Stitch Fix gods to decide your fate. On another side note: Stitch Fix customer service is AH-MAY-ZING! The fit is off and you want to exchange for another size? Email them and ask, if they have your requested item in stock, they will gladly exchange- again with free shippig both ways.

Ok, I should also note that I received my first 2 fixes right before I started this blog, so I am  hopping in my time travel machine (just a couple weeks) that way when my 3rd fix comes (later this week! eek!!) I can do another review. Please excuse my lack of decent pictures, when I took them I didn’t know that I would be doing a blog. I promise that my next review will have the pretty pictures, and standard “box on my doorstep” picture, even though I have it delivered to my work. Now let the fun begin…

Fix No. 1

IMG_2856 2

Dress: Gilli Viola Jersey Dress

First Item: Gilli Viola Jersey Dress- Kept

This dress is so soft, and It’s Black and White, and I love anything black and white so I HAD to keep it!! Although a long sleeve dress isn’t exactly what I was expecting to receive for the hot summer coming up, I am super happy with this dress, and I know that I will get some good use out of it. I love the detail at the waist, its super flattering, and I actually own a ton of “casual summer dresses” so it’s nice to have a conservative dress to add to my closet that I can easily dress up or down. So far so good.

Second Item: Eclair Pip Crew Neck Blouse- Kept

This shirt is a sheer white, with an almost chevrony stripey pattern on it. You definitely need to wear a cami under it, because it is absolutely see though. I love the details on this shirt, and the lace bottom. The only thing that I’m not in love with is the elastic at the end of the sleeves. I feel like if this shirt had regular sleeves, than it would be so much better, but they didn’t bother me enough to send it back. I can see myself wearing this under a blazer in the winter. It’s a great addition to my closet, and I have already worn it multiple times.


Shirt: Eclair Pip crew neck Blouse   Jeans: Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean

Third Item: Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean- Kept

Just when I was about to ditch skinny jeans for my new(old) loves, boyfriend, boot cut, and Flare. These babies arrived at my doorstep and hugged me soooo tight, that I knew my love affair with skinny jeans wasn’t done just yet. I LOVE these jeans so much, I went online and bought a second pair. The one’s that came in my box <- (That sounds really bad) were a size 27p and for my short trunky legs, it is so hard to find short jeans, but these were just right. The wash is perfectly dark, and they are very stretchy so when I bought the second pair online I actually bought a 26p and they fit just as good, if not better. I’m so glad I bought a second pair because I literally wear these suckers every day.

Fourth Item: Daniel Rainn Estefany Lace Detail Split Neck Blouse- Kept

Seriously Stitch Fix, Do you have to have the longest names ever for your clothing items or what? Okay so normally I gravitate to more neutral colors, and as you will learn, I love black and white, especially love black and white stripes, but this bright orange shirt is just amazing. This is the perfect shirt for work, it looks dressy but not over done, and the material is light, but not see through. I am so picky about patterns, but I love the white hearts on this shirt, this is staying in my closet for a long time, or until my 3 year old spills something on it. You can totally dress this up or down and it can breathe life into a boring outfit.


Shirt: Daniel Rainn Estefany Lace Detail Split neck Blouse  Jeans: Just black Adorra Skinny jean

Last Item of the first fix: Toms Avalon Slip on Sneaker- Kept

Like I mentioned above, I am a total pattern snob. While I was busy pinning away on my Pinterest board, I noticed that Stitch Fix had some crazy patterns out there, so I was sure to tell my stylist “NO CRAZY PATTERNS” but I guess that statement can have different meanings to anyone. These shoes, I like, I don’t love, but I know I will get some use out of, plus by keeping them I get 25% off of everything, so in the end its cheaper to keep the shoes then to send back.


Shoes: Toms Avalon slip on sneaker

Final thoughts: For a first impression, Stitch Fix totally impressed me. As someone who likes to shop, but just doesn’t have much time, this service is really fun. I love the anticipation of wondering what is going to come, and it’s so great having pieces that are different from what everyone else around you is wearing. I’m just hoping that I’m not a sucker and can actually send clothes back if I’m not in love, because I can see this becoming an expensive habit.

Fix No. 2


Skirt: 41Hawthorn Walt Skirt   Shirt: Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse   Dog: Lazy Border Terrier

Items 1 & 2: 41Hawthorn Walt Skirt- Kept  Shirt: Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse- Kept. I love love love this outfit. The skirt is Black and White stripes- which I am OBSESSED with Black and White stripes so I was going to cry if this didn’t fit right. Well it fit like a glove, So I didn’t have to grab a box of tissues. I normally don’t wear knee length skirts, just because I am so short, but I just love it on this skirt. The material is stretchy but thick enough to hide all the lumps and bumps I have. The shirt is the perfect white blouse, with the cutest “tulip” sleeves. My only complaint is that the shirt is just see through enough to where I have to wear a camisole under it. Besides that, this shirt is a staple that every girl should have in her closet. I’m just deathly afraid of staining it, so it hasn’t come of the hanger just yet. But as soon as I grow a pair, I will add it into my regular fashion rotation.


Shirt: Papermoon Swane Keyhole Back Blouse  Jeans: Kut From the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean.

Items 3&4: Papermoon Swane Keyhole Back Blouse- Kept (reluctantly) and Kut From the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean- Kept. Sorry I didn’t get a better Picture of the pants, but they are an awesome boyfriend jean- with the perfect amount of distressing.  They came with a Cuff-fold, which is super cute, but I found that if I un-cuff them, they are the perfect length for me, and have a straight leg cut when un-cuffed. After owning these and wearing them a few times, I wish my stylist would have sent me a size down from what I normally wear because they stretch through the day and get kind of loose. The top I’m not in love with, but it was one of those “its cheaper to keep than send back with the discount” types of things (I’m catching onto your tricks Stitch Fix!). I feel like this shirt makes me look like a box. Its a HI-LOW shirt, but even on my short torso, the front is still a little shorter than it should be. The color is pretty and the print isn’t too wild, I should also note that there is a little keyhole opening in the back of the shirt that gives it a cute detail. I’m sure this would be cute with some white shorts, or white jeans, I know I will get some use out of it. (I feel like I am still trying to justify it in my head).

Item No. 5: Collective Concepts Mikoh Crochet Strap Top- Kept. This is one of those shirts that I wasn’t in love with at first but overtime it has totally grown on me. The print is pretty but not one I would normally gravitate for, but the pretty details of the shirt and the amazing fit just pulls everything together in one awesome little package. The straps of this tank are a thick crochet along with the top portion of the back of the shirt. There is also a double layer so at the bottom it has a super cute ruffle. The Top is just on the borderline of showing too much cleavage to be work appropriate, but I took the risk, and I got more compliments on this shirt, than I have on anything I have wore in a long time. I should also note that this is also a HI-LOW top as well.


Tank: Collective Concepts Mikoh Crochet Strap top   Jeans: Kut From the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean

So that sums up my first 2 “fixes”- I kept all 10 items- so either I’m a sucker and don’t have the will power to send clothes back, or my stylist has done a good job. I want to add that in my notes to my stylist I have been asking for neutrals, white jeans and casual dresses. Which has been totally ignored, but I have gotten some cute clothes anyways. After my first fix I got an email from Stitch Fix asking if I wanted to keep my same stylist ANNA, and I opted to, after my second fix, I didn’t get that email, So we’ll see how my third one turns out, because I’m thinking of trying someone new. If me and  Stitch Fix are going to have a long term relationship- She needs to listen to my needs, wants and learn who I really am inside.

Have you guys tried Stitch Fix? If so let me know what you think about it, and about your experience if you have switched stylists.

Until next time.



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