This is just the beginning.

Welcome to my first blog!

In the back of my mind, I have always wanted to write a blog. But with such a crazy life of being a mom, wife, and running a business, I never took that thought seriously. About a month ago I was sitting in my office at work, it was a slooooow day, which at my office can be somewhat rare. I was busy filling up my Stitch Fix pinterest page with clothes and fashion to link to my Stitch Fix fashion profile. Serious stuff people! But I was careful to make sure it looked like I was being productive if anyone came in my office, so I had all sorts of important papers spread out on my desk to grab at a moments notice.

I don’t know what prompted it, but all of a sudden in the moment I decided that I needed to start a blog. So I immediately text my husband to share the joyous news, until he replied “what are you going to blog about, babe?” I couldn’t answer that question. So I didn’t write back. I still haven’t written back.


My hunky hubby!!

My husband, my wonderful husband, is so supportive of me and my crazy ideas. He has been helping me brain storm ideas on what I should blog about. In a world of millions and millions of blogs, how do you make yours relevant? Asking this question has also made me reflect inside on who I really am, who I want to be, and how to bridge the gap between those two. It has also given me a view into my husband perspective of me. Here are his top ideas for me. Thanks babe!

  1. Make-up. – I love make up, L-O-V-E make up. But just because I spend way too much money at Sephora, doesn’t make me an expert. I have purchased almost every product that they sell, so his Idea wasn’t so bad.
  2. Skin care. – As soon as I turned 30, the realization that I am truly getting older and I better start taking care of myself hit like a ton of bricks. I started investing time and a lot of money into anything that promised to make me look like I am 25 FOREVER.
  3. Fashion.- Now I have always thought of myself as very stylish, I love clothes, shopping, and everything fashion.
  4. Running a successful business- Somehow I have managed to run a successful company and make a pretty decent living doing this, but I can’t take all the credit, because I have some super amazing employees that work their butts off for me on the daily, and I definitely have A LOT to learn still. But I do have some good stories.
  5. Being a Mom, and learning to balance it all.- Being a “Mom” is not something that comes natural to me, I am not one of those girls who always dreamed of the day that I would have tons of BABIES. I actually always contemplated if I should actually have kids or not. Well, I had one, an AMAZING one, and SHE is teaching me how to be the best mom that I can be.

There are millions of blogs on this world wide web, and I think the only way that I can stay true to myself and have some fun along the way is to talk about all of the above. I just want a space where I can come, and pretty much talk to myself, laugh at my own jokes (which I am notorious for doing) and have a creative outlet to vent if I’m feeling it. I hope if you found yourself here, and you made it this far with-out falling asleep (thanks for being a trooper!)  that you will join me on my journey, laugh with me, cry with me, get pissed with me, and heck even shop with me. Let’s conquer this world together! See You Soon!!

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Mucho gracias!!!



One thought on “This is just the beginning.

  1. Wow, you have a great husband! Your blog almost reads Itself and I was actually smiling when I was reading your blog. I think you will be a very successful blogger and possibly make some money by while doing it. Can’t wait to read more 🤗


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